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Winter Storm Water Damage Prevention Tips

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Many people are unprepared for the quickly approaching winter season and the winter storms that bring frigid temperatures along with ice and snow.  SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties recommends having a winter checklist for your home or business to help prevent water damage from winter storms.

Here are a few items to consider:

  • Put weather stripping on doors and windows to prevent heat from escaping and cold air from entering.
  • Insulate water pipes to help prevent them from freezing and possibly bursting.
  • Check your roof for possible leaks and loose or broken shingles.
  • Keep space heaters at least three feet from anything flammable.
  • Trim tree limbs that are close to the house.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Stock up on ice melt.

If your property is affected by a disaster, such as water damage, call the trusted professionals at SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties at (606) 836-8000;  we are always here to help.

SERVPRO Is Here To Help

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Heavy rains this season continue to cause water damage to homes and businesses in our area.  Our crews are trained and IICRC certified to clean and dry your damaged property to industry standards.  The picture shows our fleet ready to deliver flood relief supplies earlier this year.  Our trucks are always loaded with the right equipment and ready to dispatch to any size disaster.  With the right experience and equipment, the men and women from SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties stand ready to answer the call, day or night.

If you have any flood damage or water damage in your home or business call the trusted professionals at SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties at (606) 836-8000.  Our experienced crews are always here to help.

Flood Damage Cleanup

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Flooding can happen when runoff from the mountains causes the water levels of small creeks to rise to unsafe levels. The waters move fast and can reach heights of ten to twenty feet easily. When floodwaters end up in homes, they can cause severe damage to the structures and contents.

If your home floods, you should turn off the utilities until emergency officials say that is it safe to turn them on. Also avoid weakened walls, floors, and roofs. Floodwater may contain chemical toxins, bacteria, mud, and sewage. Therefore, wear rubber boots, masks, and gloves before you begin cleaning up your home. If the floodwater has soaked items like upholstered furniture, carpet and pad, and mattresses, it is advisable to discard them because it is difficult to clean them adequately. You should also discard all the food that came into contact with the floodwater. If you have canned foods, wash the cans thoroughly before opening.

Calling SERVPRO franchise professionals to assist you with the cleanup efforts is also vital. We have competent technicians who can help you get back to your home within a short time. We're available around the clock for emergency call-outs. Whether working with your insurance company or directly with you, our Water Damage Restoration Technicians (WRTs) can assess the destruction to your property, offer an estimate, and handle the restoration process. We can provide your insurance company with images, videos, measurements, and other pertinent information using insurance-industry approved and preferred methods for resolving claims seamlessly.

We use advanced equipment to extract water from floors, basements, and crawl spaces quickly to expedite drying. We can remove water from many types of flooring using wet vacuuming. Our crew then dries the affected areas using air movers and dehumidifiers. Our professionals also use air scrubbers to filter the air. Using air scrubbers helps control the spread of air-borne mold spores and other harmful microorganisms.

We also use germicides and disinfectants to destroy microorganisms. They destroy up to 99 percent of the organisms they contact on the surfaces where we apply them. These products may or may not affect fungal or bacterial spores, which are typically dormant, reproductive bodies. The common disinfects we use include phenols, quaternary, chlorines, and alcohol.

Flooding may also leave unpleasant scents in your home. Our SERVPRO crew can apply deodorizers to eliminate bad odors. We can also use deodorizers that remove wet material odors that you may misinterpret as mold. Our team can use an electric sprayer, pump sprayer, or mister to apply the deodorizers directly to the affected materials.

After a flooding incident, contact SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Countiesfor help. We have the expertise to perform proper cleanup of your home to make the water intrusion seem “Like it never even happened.” Call us any time at(606) 836-8000.

Choosing The Right Company Matters

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

When the aftermath of a storm, fire or any other type of disaster strikes your life, it can be extremely devastating. It’s hard to know what to do and where to begin when trying to pick up the pieces. If there is significant damage to your home, the thought of the cleanup process can be overwhelming. You may find yourself frequently asking if you should do the cleanup yourself to save the cost of hiring a professional. How hard could it be? The cleanup and restoration process after a disaster is a huge job and defiantly not as simple as a DIY job. Many factors need to be considered and many hidden dangers that can get worse if not handled properly. Here are the reasons why it’s best to hire a professional restoration company after a disaster has struck your home.

Smoke and Fire Damage

On the surface, smoke damage doesn’t seem that bad. You may assume that you could probably use a household cleaner to get rid of any marks or stains. However, the danger of smoke damage isn’t necessarily about what you can see, but what you can’t see. Smoke particles are very fine and have a knack for settling into the small crack and crevices of your home. If not removed, the burnt smell can linger in your home for a long period of time, and in some cases permanently. These smoke particles can also irritate your lungs and cause health problems if not cleaned up properly.

Respiratory issues have been found to be associated with the improper treatment of smoke damage. Knowing which areas of your home have been damaged by smoke can very difficult. This is due to some smoke particles being microscopic which can be invisible to the naked eye. With every breath you take, you can be inhaling soot and smoke particles. The air can contain toxic elements that can severely damage your lungs. You may notice that you are coughing or wheezing for no particular reason.

Eye irritation can also be a result of smoke exposure. Fine smoke particles can cause you to have a burning sensation in your eyes. In some extreme cases, the eyes may even swell and it can affect your vision. Seek medical attention if this occurs.

Flood Damage

Flooding can cause extensive damage to your home. The water not only can saturate and destroy your home and its contents but also threaten it with secondary damages such as mold damage. Once the water has receded, you may assume that mopping up the water and placing some fans to dry the area is sufficient enough to keep damage at bay, but depending on the extent of the damage your home may need more than that.  A professional restoration company can accurately assess the damage and create the most efficient mitigation plan to turn your house into a home again. Quickly addressing water damage greatly reduces secondary damaged from occurring.

Water damage left unaddressed may cause mold damage which can occur in as little as 48 hours after water entered your home. Drywall and flooring are particularly susceptible to water damage due to their porous materials. A professional restoration company can make sure that all building materials in your home are cleaned thoroughly and efficiently to minimize the amount of your property need to be discarded or replaced.

Mold is silent and often rears its ugly head after flooding. If the moisture is not removed completely, mold can easily develop, multiply and infest your home. As it grows, it releases spores into the air that can be inhaled by the occupants of the house. These spores can cause serious health problems, especially for those who already have respiratory issues such as asthma. People with allergies, infants, children and the elderly are especially at risk of being harmed by the presence of mold. Every inch of the flooded area must be properly dried and sanitized so that mold is not allowed to prosper.


Whether you have experienced damage from fire, flood, broken pipe or another natural disaster, safety should always be the number one concern. If you have not had a professional assess the damage to your home, there could be a ticking time bomb just waiting to cause havoc in your home. It might be that your floor has been weakened during flooding and it could collapse. Not to mention the damaging effect on your health associated with mold or smoke exposure. After a storm, your roof may be left vulnerable and a quick repair might be all that you need to avoid extreme and costly damages. Having your home properly cleaned and restored by a professional will help keep you and your family safe.

The damaged by a natural disaster or a fire is upsetting and stressful enough. It can be hard to think of spending money on repairs and restoration when you think that you may be able to do it yourself. However, the money should be considered an investment. You are investing in the health and safety of yourself and your family, the structural integrity of your home and the contents within. If you have been affected by a disaster, call a SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties professionals today to get your home quickly restored.

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

Snowflake But The Snow Is So Delightful

The splendor of seasonal snowfall is a beautiful sight to see, but something sinister is sneaking behind those flakes…snowmelt.  Dramatic temperature swings are a common occurrence. When periods of significant snowfall are amongst these weather patterns the risk of home and property damage from snow accumulation intensifies. Snow tends to accumulate in areas that are not often impacted by rainfall which can expose vulnerabilities in roofs, walls, and foundations. When repeated instances of freeze and thaw occur the opportunity for devastation increases dramatically. Here are a few tips that might protect your home from the abdominal snowmelt.

  • Remove snow from around your home: snow accumulation near your foundation, windows, and doors can leak into your home once it starts to melt. Remember to shovel any decks, driveways or patios that slope towards your home.
  • Check your roof and gutters: consider hiring a professional to remove the snow from your roof so that water run-off is at a minimum once temperatures rise. If that's not possible, be sure that your gutters are clear so that the water will have a path away from your home. If possible, attach a sloped leader to your downspout that leads run-off at least 10ft from your home.
  • Test your sump pump: if water does get into your basement, you want to be sure it is taken care of quickly. Before the snow starts to melt, test your sump pump and your sump pump discharge pipe to ensure it's in working order.
  • Clear snow from drainage areas: storm drains and catch basins can often get clogged with snow — if you can do so safely, clearing snow from these areas can help keep water away from your home.
  • Rearrange your storage: in case water does get into your basement, be sure to keep any valuables, chemicals, or anything else you'd like to keep dry off the floor.
  • Check your appliances: clear out space around your water heater, furnace, and other appliances. If possible, raising your washer and dryer off the floor could help protect from water damage.
  • Don't try to do too much: getting on ladders or your roof at any time of the year is a risky proposition, even more so when there is snow involved. Clearing snow and gutters is important in the prevention of water damage, but be sure to use a professional to handle any dangerous situations.

Water Damage Can Cause Mold

12/11/2019 (Permalink)

When you have unwanted water from a flood or a pipe burst, a quick response is key! If water is not extracted and is not dried out in a timely manner, the water damage can cause mold. In order to limit the growth of mold in your home, you must control how much moisture is in your home. Within 24 to 48 hours a thorough clean-up and drying, and possible removals of water-damaged materials, such as drywall, carpeting, and padding, can prevent or limit mold growth. SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties Professionals are highly trained to dry down an affected area and to safely and effectively to control and remove and mold contaminants while protecting the health and safety of any occupants that are in the building.

Quick Response Is Key

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

Before and After Before and after 1 hour upon arrival

A water loss in your business can put a halt on work and revenue.  Getting it taken care of quickly is important to you therefore, it is important to us! Within an hour of your call, our crews are loading up the equipment needed. Within 4 hours of your call, our crews should be showing up to perform services.  Within 8 hours of your call, our project managers will be able to give you more information regarding your water loss, and what the next steps could/will be.  Our professionals will be able to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have.

SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties offers emergency services 24/7.  Let us help your business make it "Like it never even happened." 

Extinguish Odors With Deodorization

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

Even a small fire can cause odors for years to come if the affected areas are not properly cleaned and deodorized. Fire, smoke, and soot damage in your home or business can create unpleasant and potentially permanent problems. As various materials burn, the smoke produced travels throughout the structure, leaving odorous residues and deposits on surfaces and in hard-to-reach places. Unless fast, professional action is taken, these residues and deposits can cause permanent damage to contents and may result in resurfacing odors. With technicians certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration (IIRC), SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties provides specialized services that can rid your home or business of offensive odors left by fire or smoke damage. We do not cover up lingering odors with a fragrance; we seek out and remove the sources of the odor. If you or a customer suffer fire damage or some other accident and require deodorization services, contact SERVPRO of Boyd, Carter, Greenup & Lewis Counties at (606) 836-8000. Whether its fire, water, or mold damage, or just a stubborn odor that refuses to go away, we'll help make it "Like it never even happened."

Other Odors that may require DEODORIZATION:

  • Cigarette Smoke
  • Pet Odors
  • Decomposition
  • Mold

How Landscaping Can Help Protect a Home From Flooding

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

Many homeowners think of landscape design as a way to improve the aesthetics of their property and enhance their enjoyment of the surrounding nature, but landscaping can also help protect a home from flooding. Outside flooding can destroy the lawn and garden around a house and increases the risk of water damage inside the home. These three tips can help you decrease your chances of flooding.

1. Make Sure Water Drains Away From the House

It’s important to check your downspout before the rainstorm comes. Not only do you want to look for and repair any damages, but you should also ensure that water drains away from the house. In addition to the standard downspouts used in home construction, there are also ornamental rain drainage systems that can help direct the water even further away from the house. Diverting this water to a garden bed, or another porous surface can also help prevent flooding.

2. Check That Rain Water Has Somewhere To Go

Outside flooding occurs when rainwater does not have a clear path to a drainage source or when water cannot be absorbed into the ground around the house. As part of your landscaping, you can install other drainage sources such as sub-surface drains or catch basins. You could also install a dry streambed or a swale on a sloped surface to create a path for the water to flow away from the house. 

3. Ensure That Your Mulch Can Withstand Heavy Rains

Lightweight mulch can easily float away in a rainstorm. This mulch is harder to clean up after a storm, and during a storm, it can clog drains and result in flooding. Using heavier mulch that stays in place may help avoid these problems.

Picking and Maintaining The Perfect Christmas Tree

12/10/2019 (Permalink)

When Picking Your Tree:

  • Check the trunk for stickiness
  • Check limbs for flexibility
  • Tap trunk of tree on the ground, if a lot of needles fall off, it's not a fresh tree

Maintaining Your Tree:

  • Cut 2" off of the trunk to get to the "Fresh Meat" so it can soak up water (DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP)
  • Make sure the water in your tree stand stays above the bottom of the trunk
  • Once the trunk is soaking in water, there should be no reason to refill the stand

A real Christmas Tree can fill your home with the smell of Christmas however, properly hydrating your tree is one of the most important parts of preventing Christmas tree fires! Please keep this in mind when searching for that perfect tree!